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 Some small internal combustion engines specifically contain special plastic flinger wheels which randomly scatter oil around the interior of the mechanism.Some machines contain a pool of lubricant in the bottom, with gears partially immersed in the liquid, or crank rods that can swing down into the pool as the device operates.Bearings can be lubricated by a metal ring that rides loosely on the central rotating shaft of the bearing. 
As the bearing rotates, viscous adhesion draws oil up the ring and onto the shaft, where the oil migrates into the bearing to lubricate it. The ring hangs down into a chamber containing lubricating oil.. The grease is held in place by a plastic, leather, or rubber gasket (also called a gland) that covers the inside and outside edges of the bearing Slide bearing race to keep the Slide bearing grease from escaping.Some bearings use a thick grease for lubrication, which is pushed into the gaps between the bearing surfaces, also known as packing. Excess oil is flung off and collects in the pool again.Bearings may also be packed with other materials. 
Historically, the wheels on railroad cars used sleeve bearings packed with waste or loose scraps of cotton or wool fiber soaked in oil, then later used solid pads of cotton. The spinning wheels fling oil into the air around them, while the crank rods slap at the surface of the oil, splashing it randomly on the interior surfaces of the engine




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The grease is held in place by a plastic leather
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The grease is held in place by a plastic leather
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